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In this article, we will be having a closer look at the SEPIC voltage converter. You probably do not know it, but most small Buck-Boost Converters are in fact SEPIC converters and for a good reason. You will see how the SEPIC converter works, why it is "(S)EPIC", how you can modify it with a coupled inductor and how to make a DIY version.

EPIC Voltage Converter
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This is a USB AVP programmer. This programmer can be used with different AVR Programmer and it can also be used with Arduino IDE

Avr Programmer
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A solar charge controller is a device, which is connected between the solar panel and battery. Solar charge controllers make sure to charge battery correctly, and protect the battery from being damage by over charged. MPPT charge controllers are basically DC to DC converters have ability to draw maximum power from the solar panel.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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A digital over under voltage protection system is a device that can be used to protect our devices from being damaged by too high or too low voltage.

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How to Make Arduino Ohm Meter

An ohmmeter is an electrical instrument used to measure the resistance of a component or in a circuit. Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit. The unit of electrical resistance is ohms and its symbol is Ω.so today we are going to make an ohm meter…

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